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World Chess Champion Vladimir KRAMNIK: Now I have to relax
Tie-break: Photos
Tiebreak: Analysis by GM Vladimir Belov
Gennady Namsinov: In accordance with the FIDE Regulations
Game 12. Vladimir KRAMNIK: I did my best, but alas
Game 12. Waiting for a lottery
Game 12: Analysis by GM Vladimir Belov
Game 12: Photos
Game 11: Veselin TOPALOV: I am like tabula rasa
Game 11: Kramnik attacks?
Game 11: Analysis by GM Vladimir Belov
Game 11: Photos
Open Letter of Carsten Hensel
Game 10: Vladimir KRAMNIK: I deserved this victory
Game 10. Swing
Game 10: Analysis by GM Vladimir Belov
Letter of Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Sergey Stanishev
Game 10: Photos
Game 9: Veselin TOPALOV: The match is not over
Game 9: Analysis by GM Vladimir Belov

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Audio records from press confereces

  Dear Chess Friends, here you can download audio records from press confereces (mainly in Russian)
Press conference 1
Press conference 3
Press conference 4
Press conference 5
Press conference 6
Press conference 7 Kramnik
Press conference 7 Topalov
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